Smart Plug

Now automate any appliance with one plug

We have seen a variety of devices that help in automating an appliance, but the installation of the devices can be quite hectic. Hence we camp up with Nautomation Smart Plug. It is a device that automates any appliance, such as AC, Geyser, TV and more, rated up to 16A. With this plug, you will be able to control any appliance from anywhere in the world with just your smartphone. Forgot to turn off your AC or geyser, no need to worry as the 16A Nautomation plug enabled with Wi-Fi, connected to the appliance, will help you check the current state and turn off the appliance.
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Smart Plug can fit into any 16A Indian Socket


Advanced firmware and rugged hardware design for long-lasting performance


Equipped with secure Wi-Fi that ensures appliance control from any location.


The automation app is compatible with all types of voice assistants such as Siri, Bixby, Alexa, Google Assistant and more.


The smart plug can detect low and high voltage and cuts off the power supply accordingly.


Can create a timer to cut off the power supply after a certain amount of time.


Create schedules and workflow so that you won't have to touch your smartphone or give a voice command.


you can monitor how much power a particular appliance is consuming and use it accordingly.


  • Power Input: 240V AC, 50/60Hz.
  • Total Power Input: 16A
  • Maximum Resistive Load: 2500W
  • Maximum Inductive Load: 1000W
  • Typical standby power: < 0.8W.
  • Operating distance from Wi-Fi router: up to 30 meters* (depending upon router and its placement)
  • Operating Temperature: 0oC to 70oC
  • No of Channels: 1
  • Relay Channels: 1
  • Socket Type: Indian Model
  • Plug Type: Indian 16A model
  • Dimensions: 61.8mm x 99mm x 42mm
  • Pin Standard: BS 546 Type M (Indian standard large three-pin)
  • Socket Standard: BS 546 Type D & M Combo (Indian standard large and small three-pin)
  • Communication Wi-Fi: Connects to 2.4 GHz, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
Nautomation Smart Plug is a light and compact device that can be used anywhere; you can use it while travelling and configure the device within minutes. All you need to do is plug-in the device, switch on the socket and click on the button of the smart plug and you are ready to configure the device. With the voltage detection feature and a ceramic socket inside the device, it is the ultimate portable smart device that will help you automate any appliance anywhere you go.