Doorbell Notifier


Didn't open the door because you couldn't hear the doorbell? This situation is common in pretty much every household. Since the bell is located in the hall, there are chances that you might not hear visitors and family members ringing the doorbell. Avoid such situations by installing NAUTOMATION's Door Bell Notifier.


Nautomation's Doorbell Notifier is a small device that is installed inside the doorbell switchboard; it is a small box-like device enabled with Wi-Fi which helps in sending a notification to the NAUTOMATION app in your mobile phone when rung.
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Easy as 1 2 3

As the device is small, it will fit inside any shape of doorbell switchboard. The NAUTOMATION mobile App enables the automation features when configured with Wi-Fi.


Whenever someone rings the doorbell, "Doorbell Calling - There is someone at the door" notification pops-up in the NAUTOMATION app.

Compatible with other Smart Surveillance products

You can further use the Doorbell notifierby connecting it with the IP webcam and other smart products, such as motion detectors.

Connect it witH NAUTOMATION Smart Lock

A perfect combination of total security, this combination will help you open the door remotely when the "Someone's at the Door" pops-up.


Monitoring the premises

Doorbell Notifier, along with the IP cameras, will give you access to see who is at the door; it will also help you keep an eye on your packages delivered at your doorstep while you were away. Even while you are travelling, you can see who is visiting your house.

Access to known people

Nautomation's Doorbell notifier will help you notice that there is someone at the doorstep, but the Smart Lock will help you let people come inside the house. With just one click on the Nautomation App, you can help your family, relative and friends visit your home, even when you are away.


The Doorbell Notifier device is connected to the doorbell switch and is located inside the switch box.
This device is connected to the home Wi-Fi network with the help of NAUTOMATION app, which enables in sending the notification. Whenever the doorbell is rung, the connected notifier sends a signal to the cloud server, which in return sends notification to the mobile app.
When the notification "Doorbell Calling - There is someone at the door" arrives, you also get an option to open the camera. If you have an IP camera installed outside the house, and is connected with the app, you can click on the option to view who is visiting your home.