• Flexible like you want it
    Bend it, twist it, flex it. Fit Colours strip wherever you wish to.
    Walls, ceilings, cupboards. You name it.
  • Say Hello to Scenes!
    Play “Good Evening” Scene to turn on all lights in your home.
    Create your custom scenes to set your mood.
  • Curtain Controller
    Smart Smooth Elegant

Most Affordable
Home Automation Solution

Control your entire home appliances with your mobile phone. Forgot to turn off your AC? No worries, you can turn it off even when you are not home. The Nautomation Switch smartly connects to the Internet using your home WiFi Network giving you access to your home appliances from anywhere in the world.

Energy Efficiency


Power Stats

Scenes for Occasion

Smart Schedule


Smart Module Integration

Integrate your existing portfolio of hardware products with our smart modules to automate their working and add new functionalities to them. Let’s take an example with AC automation. Control it from anywhere with app, Schedule it operate at preset times, Auto-turn off timers to switch off when not in use.

How It Works?

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Appliances we automate

Security Gadgets

Home Appliances

Industrial Appliances

Lighting Appliances

Sensor Equipment

Nautomation Diverse Product Catalogue

Includes a wide array of smart products that you can readily use in your work setting to best suit the industry requirements.