Curtain Controller


It is said that when you first open your eyes and see the green world outside, your mind tends to become peaceful and you start your morning with a happy mind. But getting off the bed early in the morning can take quite some time. This is where NAUTOMATION's Curtain controller some to the rescue.


Nautomation's Curtain Controller can make any type of curtain into an automation curtain. Whether you want to control the curtains in your house, office, studio, hotel and more, you can control the curtain with the NAUTOMATION mobile app.
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Compatible with
any Type of Curtain

The device is compatible with any type of rod systems and rails that are up to 10m long.


You can automate your existing curtains with smart settings, instead of purchasing a new set

Easy Installation

No heavy machinery required, no drilling within the walls, no hammering or damaging the wall.

Easy controlling

You can open the curtains manually or with the app. All you have to do is tap once on the app and you are done.


You can schedule or set a particular time to open/close the curtains. You won't have to move an inch and the curtains will work for you.

Compatible with voice assistance

The NAUTOMATION app is compatible with Siri, Alexa, Bixby, Google assistance and more. At one voice command, you will be able to control the curtains.



Wake up to bright welcoming light

Don't drag yourself to open the curtains anymore. Just click once on the NAUTOMATION app and they will open for you.
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Remote controlling

No need for Alarm clocks anymore. You can now schedule the time when to open or close the curtains, even when you are not at home.


Even while you are travelling, the scheduled time will open/close the curtains accordingly. It will help in keeping the burglars outside and will make it look like you are inside the house.
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When you start using NAUTOMATION's Curtain controller, you are not only limited to using the app, you can also give voice command or open the curtains manually. You are not restricted to either one or two ways to operate the curtain. With the smooth operation, the curtain responds immediately without any delay when the app commands.